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Advertising in the quarterly FWBA newsletter, "Business Connections," and/or on the FWBA Website provides strong visibility and promotes your business not only to the 150 plus FWBA members, but also to the more than 9,000 households within the community. Newsletters are archived on this site for future review. Company logos on each page allow viewers to learn about your business with one click. The FWBA web site is also linked from Upper Dublin Township and the Upper Dublin Online Business Directory. Plus, you help support us! It’s all good.

To advertise or for more information, please contact Kathy Disque, FWBA Coordinator at 215-628-0313 or

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Upcoming Events

"Intellectual Property - Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Trade Secrets!" at 550 Pinetown Road, Fort Washington. Intercontinental Development Event Date: 11.30.17

Meeting held at the 550 Pinetown Road Conference Center, hosted by gracious FWBA member, Intercontinental Development.


Kids 'n Smiles Toy Drive, Supported by the UD Police Dept. All for Upper Dublin Youngsters Event Date: 12.20.17

Toys for students at the North Hills Community Center After-School Program



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Your comments, questions or ideas for FWBA meetings, web site announcements or ways to serve the business community are welcome. Please send an email to and someone will contact you shortly.

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